We are a company in constant growth and todav we want to introduce you to RapiFast Care™

Our medical uniforms have as objectives: to project an image of hygiene, professionalism, modernity and dedication to patients in the office.

We have been working since the beginning of the pandemic and we know the
importance of protecting all personnel in the health area. This led us to develop a line of medical uniforms with the premise of reducing the impact of the virus by offering safety and hygiene.

Our Quality

RapiFast Care'” designs scrubs to also be an effective non-verbal communication tool to build empathy and establish a good doctor-patient relationship.

RapiFast Care™ provides scrubs

an effective barrier against
pathogens, which means reducing
the risk of infection or harboring
contaminants such as bacteria and
other microorganisms, preventing
them from coming into contact with
the skin.

easy washing, since in their
activities doctors are prone to
splashes and fluids such as water or
blood; in addition to absorbing
moisture and protecting the health
profesional against bad odours.

– A comfortable, soft, elastic,
breathable and resistant design at
the same time

Our Collection

We make uniforms for you, that’s why weseek to meet you and provide you with
personalized attention. From thinkingabout the qualities of your uniform, as well as advising you on the acquisition of products and, of course, later accompanying you in the experience of using the RapiFast Care™ uniforms.

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