Mobile Testing Service

Do you want to transform your exhibition, social event, or corporate event into a safe space where everyone can learn, grow, and connect?

To ensure attendee confidence, reduce liability, and improve safety compliance, we have a team of healthcare professionals who take care of everything from immunization verification to symptom screening, temperature scans, and rapid tests for antigens, influenza and PCR.

RapiFast offers the best COVID-19 rapid testing service ideal for conferences, offices, movie sets, companies, sports clubs, schools, universities, churches, etc. All our tests are FDA approved with results in 10 minutes or less, making access faster and much easier.

We have extensive experience in the film, music, and advertising industry, and we know the importance of the times and new regulations.

RapiFast® is today synonymous with trust, guaranteeing 100% the effectiveness of our services that have the endorsement of real clients.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Our Tests


The Gold Standard for COVID-19 Testing. Determines if you are currently infected. Although the results take a little longer to generate, this test offers the highest level of accuracy among all available options.

Usually required for international travel. “PCR test.”

Result in 30 min to 12 hours


Determines if you are currently infected and has similar technology RT-PCR test. “Rapid Molecular test.”

Result in 15 min


Determines if you are currently infected. “Rapid Antigen test.”

Result in less than 10 min

TEST SARS CoV-2 + Flu A + Flu B

Supports optimized patient care based on the differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A and B.
Only one strip and one sample are needed.
Detects SARS-CoV-2, including Delta and Omicron variants.

Result in less than  10 min


A blood test that determines if you have had previous exposure to COVID-19 and can help determine if you are now immune from COVID-19. “Antibody test.”

Result in less than 5 min

Other services

COVID-19 Compliance Officer

Covid Disinfecting

Safety Supplies

Why Us?

  •     FDA-approved test kit 
  •     CLIA 
  •    24/7 customer support
  •     In-site service (home, office, film sets, corporate, sports club, schools, universities, churches, etc.) 
  •     Certified nurse 
  •     Results emailed directly by our physician licensed in each state 
  •     Compliance with CDC norms
  •     Compliance with AICP requirements and UNIONS testing protocols.  

And above all, we have been working since 2018 believing in rapid tests as an immediate solution for prevention.

Today COVID-19 finds us with the security of offering you the best service in your home, office, community, etc.

Contact us, we are here to serve you

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